Willo super with cheek protection

This helmet gives
maximum protection of the head

This helmet provides maximum protection of the head. Steel ribs are incorporated into the helmet for extra strength. Chin piece is standard with this helmet, it is attached by means of plastic ribs. This helmet is manufactured in 2x, the helmet must be tried on the client after the 1st time to determine the position of the chin piece in order to be able to definitively attach it to the helmet.

The helmet can also be equipped with additional cheek protection.

Open top using protective/shock-absorbing strips; from front to back. Normal version has 4 strips. The back of the head is fitted with a protective and shock-absorbing pad. The forehead has a bumper of 4 cm thickness to protect the face.

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Ears are protected

The helmet is put on by means of: a closure at the back. PVC belts with insert buckle or Velcro. Magnetic closure only available with leather straps.

The Willo Super head protection is available with the following options:

  • Thickened back/sides up to 4 cm.
  • Sports top (cross).
  • Extra strips at the top for extra protection, applied crosswise.
  • Closed top.
Available completely custom-made

We can produce head protectors entirely according to your wishes. For more information, please contact us.