Head protector options

All helmets are 100% handmade
You have 10 choices for the color of the helmet

All helmets are 100% handmade manufactured. We use naturally tanned leather on the inside of each helmet, in a sandy white color. You can choose from ten different colors on the outside of all helmets. Color samples available on request.

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Shock-absorbing mousse

Our custom-made head protection is made of a shock-absorbing – Syrex PE 30, foam from 1 cm to 4 cm thick – material. Thickness depends on the application. The choice to be made regarding the desired model depends on the protection the client needs. If you need advice, we are happy to help you.

Possible applications for helmets include: self-harm, epileptic seizures, head surgery. Because everything within our company is manufactured manually, additional desired adjustments can be made to helmets.


For closures you can choose:

Leather Straps: Buckle, Insert Buckle, Magnetic Closure and Velcro Closure.

Plastic straps: Insert buckle and Velcro closure

We can supply all types of helmets with a vario closure (closure at the back)

Top of helmet

Our closed top can be used on all types of helmets. Instead of strips at the top of the helmet, it is completely closed. We process this in a 2 cm mousse, with scattered openings for ventilation. It is also possible to order a half closed top or a quarter closed top. Depending on the protection needed.

Maintenance for all helmets

  • Clean with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Soapy toothpaste.
  • Spraying with deodorant can combat unwanted odors
  • Allow helmet to air dry slowly.
  • Possibly Apply leather grease to the outside of the helmet only!