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Head protectors

Traditional handmade head protectors

Traditional handmade head protectors specially made for healthcare.

We have an extensive choice of different kinds of models. The head protectors are customised and can be adjusted with various protections. We like to please our customers with any kind of special request for specific needs.

Every head protector can be delivered with a vario helmet. This is a helmet which can be opened from the back.

Type: Willo


Head protector Willo Head guard Oriënt Head protector Willo Extra Head protector Willo cheek guards Head protector Oriënt, closed Chin guard Contact

Traditional handmade

High quality naturally tanned leather

Shock-absorbing packing

Light weight head guards

All helmets are handmade with the biggest care from naturally tanned leather for optimal comfort.

40 years experience


Perdaen Headprotectors produces head protectors since 1983 and celebrates their 30 anniversary this year! Through these years we've been able to build out a large clientele, national and internationale. A special production fleet makes it possible to accomplish these precise proceedings. And because years of experience and close contact with our clients we collected plenty of knowledge to controle this workmanship. All together this results to a high customer satisfaction.

We want our client to rely on our expertise cause satisfied customers are the best advertisement! That's why it's very important that we communicate well with our regular- and future clients, so they get what their expecting. A handmade tailored head protector of the highest quality!

Because we do care.

head protector CONTACT

Perdaen headprotectors

Optimal comfort

Personal wishes

With chin guard

With closed top

With cheek guards

Model: extra or super

Type: Oriënt

Head mesurement by specialist. Result: perfect head protector (head guard).