Willo Extra head protector

Open top using
protective/shock absorbing strips

Open top using protective/shock-absorbing strips; from front to back. Normal version has 3 strips. Can be prepared up to a maximum of 5 strips. The back of the head is fitted with a protective and shock-absorbing pad. The forehead has a bumper of 4 cm thickness to protect the face.

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Ears are protected

The helmet is attached under the chin:

  • A buckle closure, with leather straps.
  • Or plastic belts with slit buckles.
  • Plastic belts with insert buckle and lock.
  • Plastic or leather straps with Velcro closure.
  • Magnetic closure¬†only available with leather straps.
  • Buckles with lock. (Can only be used with plastic belts)

The Willo extra head protection is available with the following options:

  • Chin piece: with buckle (leather straps), plastic straps with insert buckle, Plastic or leather straps with Velcro closure or Magnetic closure only available with leather straps.
  • Thickened back/sides up to 4 cm.
  • Sports top (cross).
  • Extra strips at the top for extra protection, applied crosswise.
  • Closed top.
Available completely custom-made

We can produce head protectors entirely according to your wishes. For more information, please contact us.