Oriënt extra, closed head protector

Our closed top
can be used on all types of helmets

Our closed top can be used on all types of helmets. Instead of strips at the top of the helmet, it is completely closed. We process this in a 2 cm mousse, with scattered openings for ventilation. It is also possible to order a half closed top or a quarter closed top. Depending on the protection needed.

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Ears are also protected

The helmet is attached under the chin:

  • A buckle closure, with leather straps.
  • Plastic or leather straps with Velcro closure.
  • Plastic belts with insert buckle.
  • Plastic belts with insert buckle and lock.
  • Magnetic closure available with leather straps.
  • Buckles with lock. (Can only be used with plastic belts)

The Orient extra head protection is available with the following options:

  • Chin piece: with buckle (leather straps), plastic straps with insert buckle, Plastic or leather straps with Velcro closure or Magnetic closure only available with leather straps.
  • Thickened back/sides up to 4 cm.
  • Sports top. ( crotch)
  • Extra strips at the top for extra protection, applied crosswise.
  • Closed top.
Available completely custom-made

We can produce head protectors entirely according to your wishes. For more information, please contact us.